Software system PROGNOSiS

Since 2008 Budget monitoring center develops and supports “PROGNOSIS” – a software package for calculating workforce parameters in Russian regions.

The software is based on unified macroeconomic models and robust computational algorithms. It allows calculating the following social-economic parameters up to year 2020:

• Forecasted number of employees by types of economic activity;
• Forecasted annual additional demand for workforce by types of economic activity and educational specialities;
• Forecasted number of graduates of vocational education institutions by educational specialities;
• Workforce supply and demand balance by educational specialities.

The software is constantly updated and improved based on the approbation results in Russian regions.

In 2012 the software was adopted and implemented in 3 regions of Russia: Sakhalin region, Republic of Khakassia, Saratov region.

Our customers note that implementation of the “Prognosis” software allows to automate calculation of future demand for qualified workforce. This lets decision makers to anticipate and overcome workforce deficiency in advance.